A Bristol-In-A-Day Itinerary

In the year since coming back to my home city, I have had a few people ask for a guide to spending just a day in Bristol. Clearly, it is not possible to fit all that this amazing city can offer into one day, but below is what I recently came up with for a friend. It is intended as a loop, starting in Clifton, heading down the the docks and the centre and back up again. Realistically, you would need to be pretty speedy, but it covers off everything I would want to see if I was coming here for th

Pilot Series: The Nature Room

Take a seat in The Nature Room, a place to hear from the world's top conservationists, scientists and eco-warriors, all helping us understand and protect the natural world. Each episode takes a deep dive into a world of different topics, from the complex lives of bees to the impact of climate change, from the history of whaling to the restoration of our coral reefs. Each episode aims to be a fortnightly interview with a leading author in nature and environment writing.

Photography in the media

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