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Burns’ Night – on the Palm?

It’s not a surprise to find Scottish culture thriving in London, a famously metropolitan city that has had Scottish influences for centuries. But you may be intrigued to hear that you can toss the caber in the Arabian Desert, 3500 miles away in Dubai. From Highland Games to Burns’ Night, St Andrew’s Ball and New Year’s First Footing, the Scottish way of life is well established in the city. But the Dubai Caledonian Society isn’t just a group of sentimental expats putting on events...

Scottish Affairs Select Committee Live-Blog – 4 Feb

This is an Oral Evidence Session and will be looking at the impact of the so-called bedroom tax on benefit claimants in Scotland as well as the Referendum on Separation for Scotland. Timetable: 14.30: Evidence from David Mundell, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Scotland. 15.15: Evidence from David Willetts, Science Minister. 14.22 The Chair of the committee, Ian Davidson MP, Labour for Glasgow South-West, tweeted an outline of the proceedings earlier today. 14.35 Meeting has be

RHUL Bears saves an acre of rainforest

There is a growing concern over our impact on the natural world and we are regularly being told to do our bit to combat global warming and protect the environment. Conventionally the advice is to turn down the heating, recycle your paper and use less petrol. RHUL BEARS has done something a little different. They have provided the funds to save an acre of rainforest – that’s 44,000 square feet of Ecuadorian jungle, known to be home to the jaguar, the sloth and the ocelot. They did this by making

Photography in the media

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