Know Bristol - a compendium of 365 Bristolian facts (2022)

Launched: 19th July 2022


A lifetime gathering facts about the city has resulted in "Know Bristol", compendium of 365 fascinating facts that will change your view of the city forever. 

My interest in Bristol's history began in my early teens and culminated in a campaign to save a few of its at risk historic buildings. Armed with the Council's "at risk historic buildings register", I travelled around the city photographing the buildings that most appealed to me at the time. 

My career meant I left Bristol, studying History at Royal Holloway before working as a journalist, parliamentary aide and civil servant. Poor eye health forced a return to Bristol in 2019 and I set out to become a "tourist in my own city", exploring the many parts of the city I had yet to be familiar with. This proved to be a hugely rewarding experience and this book is a result of that exercise. I hope it makes the city more accessible to anyone else looking to go on a similar journey.

The book has featured in Bristol 24/7, Bristol Post, The Bristol Magazine, BBC Radio Bristol and Bristol Life. Every purchase of a book plants a tree via the Bristol-based social enterprise company, Ecologi. Its availability is as follows:


Kindle, paperback, hardback: Amazon
Paperback only (includes): Waterstones, WHSmith, Barnes & Noble


Paperback only (includes): Arnolfini, Bookhaus, Gloucester Road Books, Pod, Max Minerva's, SS Great Britain Trust, Storysmith.

The Pirate Bakers (2021)

Launched: August 2021


Are pirates a thing of the past or are they baking cakes in your town?
Do they prefer to bury treasure or prepare a tray of muffins?
Would they make you walk the plank or make you your favourite pudding?

In The Pirate Bakers only the fishermen believe it could be pirates stealing from their village. It is up to a young boy to uncover the culprits but it isn’t going to be easy. A tale of buccaneers and brownies from the author of Patch the Solitary Bee

This book was inspired by a trip to the island of Bryher (Isles of Scilly, Cornwall), home of the Bryher Bake Box. Thankfully their cakes aren’t produced by pirates but by islander Zoe Dan. The Pirate Bakers is dedicated to the people of the Isles of Scilly, known as Scillonians. 

 Pradipta Mukherjee, an Indian illustrator from Kolkata, obtained his degree in Science from the University of Calcutta. He started drawing during his student years and went on to a career as a computer programmer. In course of time his passion became his profession as he became a full-time illustrator. Since then he has been enjoying illustrating story books, comics and graphic novels.

 Amazon, Waterstones, others.

Patch the Solitary Bee (2021)

Launched: July 2021

The first editions of this title were being launched to coincide with National Solitary Bee Week in the UK, an initiative run by the University of Exeter and the Green & Blue Foundation to raise awareness of these wonderful little animals.

Summary: Patch is living inside a wall when some humans knock it down to make way for a garden party.

Alone in the garden, Patch sets out to discover what kind of insect she is and join their colony. But what exactly is Patch? Is she a honeybee? A wasp? A fly?

Join Patch as she meets her insect neighbours and learn a bit about solitary bees along the way.

This book also contains a guide to some of the world’s solitary bees and how you can help to look after them at home. Just perfect for confident readers.

Katie Khan lives in Louisville, Kentucky (US), with her husband, Tim. She studied Art at Hillsdale College, and has previously illustrated Casey at the Bat and A Children's Anthology of Poems and Lullabies, both for Memoria Press.

Patch the Solitary Bee is available in, Kindle, paperback and hardback worldwide. It is available online (Amazon, Waterstones) and in selected bookstores.

How Did They Do It? (2013)

Launched: December 2013

Dive into 30 long-form interviews from the minds behind some of the UK’s most successful enterprises, including: Superdry, Time Out,,, Wallace & Gromit, Lotus, Channel 4, Iceland, WPP, Mamma Mia! and Red Bull Racing.

In a series of long-form discussions, the interviewees tell the story behind their success. From childhood ambitions to early career development and beyond, the interviews take an in-depth look at their approach to business, their sources of motivation, the trials and tribulations they went through and any advice they may have for those that want to follow in their footsteps. 

The contributors have provided detailed accounts of how they got started within their particular industry. They come from many walks of life, including business, politics, sport, the military, diplomacy, film, television and journalism. So whether you are looking for inspiration for your own business or help within your workplace, there is a wealth of knowledge to be exploited within the pages of this book. 

All net proceeds from this book will be donated to The Prince’s Trust. The Prince’s Trust helps the UK’s most disadvantaged young people change their lives by getting them back into education, training or employment. The total donation is estimated to be £5,000. The Prince’s Trust is a charity registered in England & Wales (1079675) and Scotland (SC041198).

Since 2013, How Did They Do It? has been available on Amazon in paperback and ebook formats.

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