A Bristol-In-A-Day Itinerary

In the year since coming back to my home city, I have had a few people ask for a guide to spending just a day in Bristol. Clearly, it is not possible to fit all that this amazing city can offer into one day, but below is what I recently came up with for a friend. It is intended as a loop, starting in Clifton, heading down the the docks and the centre and back up again. Realistically, you would need to be pretty speedy, but it covers off everything I would want to see if I was coming here for th

The feminist foundations of the RSPB - The NaturePod

The cozy kitchen of a relatively modest house in the Manchester suburb did spree is probably not the place you'd expect a global conservation organization to be born. Yet it was at the Croft at Fletcher Moss one afternoon in 1889 that a group of Victorian women gathered together around cups of tea for the inaugural meeting of the society for the protection of birds. Later, the Royal society for the protection of birds or RSPB, their activities were mirrored by another organization.

How will the world end and how many of us will survive?

From insect population crashes and deforestation to coral bleaching and ocean warming, evidence supporting the claim that we are bringing about Earth’s sixth mass extinction seems to come out almost every week. A landmark UN report from May this year suggested that species are now being lost “at rates unprecedented in human history”, with around 1 million species directly threatened with extinction. The rate of loss is thought to be somewhere between 10 to a hundred times higher than the averag
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